Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Taking a risk

Photosynthesis. The subject studied today in class with my fifth grade practicum students. As I get the opportunity to teach my first lessons I get the opportunity to experiment and learn. As I sat down to plan my lesson I started to think of ways to help the students have fun with the content. I wanted my students to enjoy learning about photosynthesis. How was I going to make this lesson fun for them? I decided to implement a music video about photosynthesis. My fears about showing this video crept in. What if the student’s don’t like it? What if it this video doesn’t provide them with the knowledge I thought it would?

            It was time to start my lesson. We discuss the importance of the sun in a food chain. Students are being engaging in the discussion and are showing knowledge towards the topic. Photosynthesis comes up in our discussion. It was time to make the decision. I chose yes to the video. The students’ curiosity arose as I clicked on the video. The song began and I saw unsure faces. The faces of children who think that they may be “too cool”  for this. I saw faces turn to their peers looking for assurance and acceptance of the video. The song kept playing and I hear a random shout come from the back of the classroom “PHOTO- Synthesis”. Then smiles started to break from the students and I started noticing head bobs to the catchy tune. By the end of the video the class was singing with the video! They were loving it! At the end of the day all I could hear was the singing of this song. “Photo-synthesis, photosynthesis, sing it with me now, photo-synthesis, photosynthesis.” Sometimes taking a risk is well worth it. The joy that came from this piece in my lesson really helped the students to get into the topic. I couldn’t stop smiling. =) I did it. I helped students learn.


  1. So glad you took a risk! Don't you think most kids love to sing….no matter their age?
    Loved your piece!

  2. I bet they went home singing that to their parents. They will always remember that song!

  3. My first lesson was like this as well.. I was so unsure what was going to happen. But you gotta just go with you gut, roll with the punches.