Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Beauty of a friend

The living room screams with silence as I sit on the black leather couch with my feet up on the handmade coffee colored coffee table. All one could hear in the presence of this room is the clicking of my keyboard and the turning of the pages in his book. He sits across the room on the love seat that matches the couch I am comfortably lounging on. We both silently work on our homework allowing the gears in our heads to turn and turn as we try to finish just one more assignment. 

We like to share. We share the living room, we share the table, and we share the silence. One thing we do not share is a conversation, but we share glances and we share smiles. We smile because we know that we are lucky to be able to share a friendship with one another. It makes me smile because we share this comfort level that even when the room is silent it is still comfortable. This is friendship. The importance of friendship has become clearer to me as I have walked through my journey. It is through friendship that helps us grow as people.

Through my friendships I have gained confidence in myself and I have gained a sense of belonging. It is healthy to have these strong bonds with another person. Looking at this outlook as a future teacher it really makes me think about my future students and how I will implement the importance of friendship in my classroom. I want my students to cherish their friends and learn how to be a good friend: because life is just so much better with those friends that have our backs! =)

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  1. This is an adorable post that makes me grateful for the little moments I get to share with my best friend. It also reminded me of the joy that can be found in the sharing of silence.